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Product Information and Benefits

It’s a family of beverages that make reducing or quitting caffeine, easier. They are made from roasted chicory roots and baobab powder that are rich in prebiotic and naturally caffeine-free. Chicobab brings you fiber, low calories and good hydration.

  • 100% plant-based dairy-free prebiotic
  • Contains inulin-rich chicory roots and organic baobab powder
  • Dissolves instantly
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut
  • Low-or-no caffeine
  • No sugar added
  • Only 2-3 simple ingredients
  • No additives or fillers

If you are watching your caffeine intake, Chicobab beverages are perfect for you, and they come in 3 great flavours: Mockoffé, Arabica and Choco! The Mockoffé is caffeine-free. The Arabica has a pinch of coffee, and contains less than 1mg caffeine, which is lower in caffeine than a decaffeinated coffee that usually has 3-5mg. The Choco has a rich cocoa flavour and less than 2mg of caffeine, whereas a regular cup of hot chocolate contains 5-8mg.  

At the end of the day, you have 3 great options with very low caffeine!

Correct! There is no sugar added in any Chicobab beverages.

Chicobab is shelf stable for two years. For optimal freshness, we recommend consuming Chicobab within one month of opening. Please close tightly the bag after use and store it in a dry place.

20 servings

Beside being delicious hot, iced or cold, Chicobab is wonderful in smoothies, shakes, yogurt, savouries and baked goods.

Yes! Chicory is used a caffeine-free coffee substitute. It’s believed to have been used during a coffee shortage in France in the 1800s, but remains popular around the world today. Chicobab Mockoffé will give you the satisfying taste similar to coffee without the caffeine. And you can consume it from morning to evening.

Chicobab Arabica contains a pinch of coffee, so you enjoy your “coffee-taste” with less caffeine. Since it’s very low in caffeine, it’s an excellent way to gradually and gently reduce your coffee intake during the day. A typical cup of coffee contains about 92 mg of caffeine, whereas Chicobab Arabica has less than 1mg of caffeine. It’s even lower in caffeine content than a decaffeinated coffee!

Baobab fruit powder occurs naturally as a completely dry powder. It undergoes no spray-drying or freeze-drying, and unlike other fruits, the pulp inside is naturally dry. It is 100% natural raw fruit.  The Baobab powder production process involves separating the fruit powder from the rest of the contents of the pod. 

Chicobab products are naturally gluten-free. However they are prepared in a facility that processes gluten.

Yes! all of the ingredients used in our products are vegan.

Usage and Preparation

Chicobab is delicious hot, iced or cold! We suggest: 2 tsp (or more to taste) + 250mL hot water or milk of your choice and stir well. Add sweetener if needed.

Chicobab Mockoffé will give you the satisfying taste of coffee without the caffeine.

Chicobab Arabica has a bit of arabica coffee and lot of chicory. It’s your lower-caffeine option for your everyday coffee cuppa! It contains less than 1mg of caffeine.

Find below the simple, easy latte preparation:

For the Spicy Chai Mix Caffeine Free: Mix 1tsp of the chai mix with 1oz of hot water in an 8oz (250ml) cup. Top with freshly steamed milk (or milk substitute), stir well and sweeten to taste. For an iced latte, top with ice and cold milk or milk substitute.

For the Spicy Chai Mix With Organic Black Tea: Mix 1/2 tsp of the chai mix with 1oz of hot water in an 8oz (250ml) cup. Top with freshly steamed milk (or milk substitute), stir well and sweeten to taste. For an iced latte, top with ice and cold milk or milk substitute.

When you drink our Spicy Chai Mixes, you don't need to strain the drink. Our Spicy Chai Mixes are made from whole spices like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, cloves that are ground into a fine powder. When consumed, the body absorbs more antioxidants and nutrients compared to steeped spices.

Health and Dietary Concerns

Refer to the Table 1 and Table 2 below to learn more about the recommended maximum caffeine intake from Health Canada, and to learn more about caffeine content in a variety of products.

View Tables Here

People with an allergy to ragweed or birch pollen should avoid products made with chicory. 

Since the consumption of caffeine is not recommended for children, Chicobab Mockoffé is a perfect fit since it is naturally caffeine-free with no stimulant. For children who enjoy drinking hot chocolate, Chicobab Choco is a safe alternative since it contains pure cocoa with chicory, and contains less caffeine than a regular hot chocolate!

Yes! To our knowledge, there are no contraindications to the consumption of Chicobab products during pregnancy. Since Chicobab is rich in fiber and prebiotics, it plays a key role in digestive health.

No! We replace the decaffeinated tea with roasted chicory to increase its nutritional value of fibre and inulin. The Spicy Chai Mix Caffeine Free has the same great spice and flavour profile as the Spicy Chai Mix with Organic Black Tea. This makes it great to consume at any time of day or even before bed and it’s also safe for kids!

Product Development and Environmental Impact

Spices aren’t water soluble so some sediment is normal. Using whole ground ingredients means maximizing the nutritional benefit; as a result, there will be some sediments. Give it a try…I am sure you will enjoy!

We realized that big food waste was happening with the brewing and straining of tea and spices. After production, we used to discard the ingredients. VitalyTeas Ltd has pledged to reduce food waste from production process as part of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact and protect the planet for future generations. This was the first step for a better way to make beverages with less waste. We are now proud to offer a nutritious, prebiotic rich, better-for-you Spicy Chai Mix

We added chicory to all of our chai blends to increase the nutritional value of fibre and inulin in each drink.

YES! No sugar is added, and this allows you to manage the sweetness yourself. You can add as much or as little sugar as you like!

Our teabags used to have strings and tags.  We discovered that teabags with tags and strings only do one thing – they produce unnecessary waste! 

So, as a first step towards more environmentally friendly packaging, we decided to manufacture teabags without tags and strings. Our teabags are still individually wrapped and packaged in a 100% post-consumer box, and we have done away with the string, tag, and glue!

By opting for the “No-strings-attached Teabag”, we are preventing thousands of pounds of waste from entering landfills every year.

Our goal: Have a smaller environmental footprint and help the planet, one cup at a time.

We use some plastic packaging for our products (Chicobab and Spicy Chai Mix). 

Most of our packaging materials (teaboxes, cases, plastic jars, etc.) are 100% recyclable, where facilities accept.  We highly suggest that you run the Spicy Chai Mix’s jar through the dishwasher or clean it out fully in order to give the jar the best possible chance at being fully recycled. 

The vitaliteas tea bags are considered “industrial compostable” like all other teabags.  They can be placed in your compost bin, but it may take a long time to break down the teabag, since this is not an industrial process!  Eventually, the used tea bags, together with the other food, will either be composted or sent for anaerobic digestion, a natural process in which microorganisms break down organic materials.  

We are continuing to explore alternative packaging options that could work for our beverages.