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Fanta Camara
I’m Fanta, health enthusiast, entrepreneur, master blender, creator of chicobab™ and founder of VitalyTeas, home of high quality teas. I always believed that your drink should make you feel good.

I can help you take charge of your caffeine intake. And, I can show you how to do it because I’ve been where you are. I’ve kicked my caffeine jitters down to size and I know you can do it too.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker—my daily caffeine pick-me-up was strong black tea.

As the years passed, caffeine stopped being my friend. It made me jittery and anxious, it kept me from having a good night’s sleep and I got headaches when I tried to quit.

I knew I wasn’t suffering alone. For years, my customers had been asking me to help them kick caffeine.
Fanta Camara

But it took years of experimenting and the COVID crisis before I found a solution and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

My company was hard hit by the pandemic. But there was a bright side. With the slow-down in business, I finally had time to devote to chicobab™—which is named for its key ingredients, chicory and baobab.

I was already using chicory to increase the nutritional value of my dry chai mix. Adding baobab was a choice inspired by my Senegalese heritage.

My new chicobab™ drinks are the perfect way to help you cut down on caffeine, or kick it altogether. They are tasty, healthy, low- or no-caffeine beverages you can make in an instant and enjoy hot or cold.

And the best part is, you don’t have to give up the rich coffee or cocoa flavours you love.

Let’s journey together!

Fanta Camara
Founder, VitalyTeas Ltd